BT Welfare’s Ramadan Relief Efforts

Embracing the spirit of Ramadan!
Ramadan holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims worldwide, serving as a time of self-discipline, spiritual growth, and acts of kindness. For BT Welfare, Ramadan is a time to embody the values of generosity and compassion, reaching out to those who are less fortunate and ensuring that no one goes hungry during the blessed month. As part of its Ramadan relief efforts, BT Welfare collaborates with the BTK Task Force to organize the distribution of Sehri and Iftari meals to residents within Bahria Town Karachi. Each day, volunteers gather before dawn to prepare nutritious Sehri meals, ensuring that fasting individuals have the sustenance they need to begin their fast. Similarly, as the sun sets and the call to Maghrib prayer echoes through the streets, volunteers distribute Iftari meals, providing nourishment and comfort to those breaking their fast.
Reaching beyond Bahria Town Karachi for a better future.
While BT Welfare’s efforts are focused primarily within Bahria Town Karachi, the organization also extends its reach to communities across the city of Karachi. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts, BT Welfare ensures that Sehri and Iftari meals reach individuals and families in underserved neighborhoods, slums, and low-income areas. By bringing the spirit of Ramadan to every corner of Karachi, BT Welfare embodies the inclusive and universal message of compassion and At the heart of BT Welfare’s Ramadan relief efforts are its dedicated volunteers and supporters, whose selfless contributions make a tangible difference in the lives of others. From preparing meals and organizing distribution logistics to volunteering their time and resources, BT Welfare’s supporters play a crucial role in ensuring the success of its Ramadan initiatives. Their collective efforts embody the spirit of community and service, making Ramadan a time of unity, compassion, and shared blessings.
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