Transforming Challenges into Opportunities
In times of crisis, we stand united to provide relief and assistance to those affected by natural disasters, pandemics, and other challenges. Together, we can overcome adversity and build resilience in our communities.
Giving Back, Spreading Hope
From distributing essential supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic to providing relief aid during floods, Ramadan rationing, and fostering positivity through Sehri and Iftari distributions, our efforts are fueled by compassion and a desire to make a meaningful difference.
Your Support Matters
Every contribution, no matter how small, can change lives and bring hope to those in need. Join us in our mission to create lasting impact and inspire others to join the journey of giving back.

Growing Together: BT Welfare's Journey of Compassion and Growth

Led by our esteemed philanthropist, Mr. Bilal Talib, BT Welfare embarked on a transformative journey fueled by compassion and a relentless commitment to serving humanity. In every step of this journey, we have witnessed remarkable growth, not just in numbers, but in the depth of our impact and the warmth of our connections with communities. Under Mr. Bilal Talib's visionary leadership, BT Welfare embraced challenges as opportunities to extend our reach and deepen our impact. With each passing day, our resolve to make a difference grew stronger, inspired by our team and supporters' unwavering support and dedication. As we traversed this path of compassion and empathy, we witnessed lives being touched, hearts being lifted, and hope being restored. Every smile we brought to a child's face, every hand we held in solidarity, and every life we touched became a testament to the transformative power of kindness and generosity.

Chairman Message: 

 Mr. Bilal Talib – CEO California Real Estate & Builders & Philanthropist, BT Welfare 

Meet Mr. Bilal Talib, a beacon of compassion and change in Pakistan’s philanthropic landscape. As the CEO of BT Welfare, Mr. Talib is renowned for his unwavering commitment to uplifting communities and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

With a heart dedicated to service, Mr. Bilal Talib as a philanthropist has spearheaded numerous initiatives under the BT Welfare banner, each aimed at addressing pressing social issues and fostering positive change. From providing relief during times of crisis to implementing sustainable development projects, Mr. Talib’s leadership has propelled BT Welfare to the forefront of humanitarian efforts in Pakistan.

At the core of BT Welfare’s mission is a steadfast dedication to transparency and integrity. Mr. Bilal Talib as a philanthropist and his team ensure that every project is executed with utmost accountability, prioritizing the needs of the communities they serve. Through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, BT Welfare continues to set the standard for impactful philanthropy in Pakistan.

Under Mr. Bilal Talib’s guidance, BT Welfare has launched a multitude of projects aimed at addressing a wide range of societal challenges. From healthcare initiatives to education programs, each endeavor reflects Mr. Talib’s vision of creating a more equitable and compassionate society.

Join Mr. Bilal Talib and the BT Welfare team on their mission to build a brighter future for all. Together, let’s embody the spirit of empathy and solidarity as we work towards a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. With Mr. Talib’s leadership, BT Welfare is not just changing lives – it’s transforming communities and inspiring hope for generations to come.

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